New MWIR (InAsSb) Detection Module | Small Footprint & High Volume Applications

The new MWIR (InAsSb) Detection Module has a built-in amplifier and temperature controller that provides constant responsivity over a wide range of ambient temperatures. The AMS3140-01 is a cost-effective solution designed with a small footprint for high volume applications.

With wide bandwidth and low 1/f noise corner, the AMS3140-01 provides efficient measurements with generally available sources of radiation, including MEMS heaters, and pulsed LEDs or lasers. Easy connectivity over connectors with high immunity to electromagnetic interference is achived with differential output. While the units small dimensions provide easy mechanical and thermal integration with the target device.

Product features:

  • Built in temperature controller
  • Pin configurable chip temperature
  • Low 1/f noise corner
  • Differential outputs
AMS3140-01 Spectral Response (Ta = 20°C) of the new MWIR (InAsSb) Detection Module

AMS3140-01 Spectral Response (Ta = 20°C)

Fields of use

The AMS3140-01 can be used for applications such as gas detectors, temperature sensors, embedded systems or for any portable device needing a MWIR (InAsSb) Detection Module

Product specific downloads

AMS3140-01 Datasheet
AMS3140-01 Technical Drawing
Evaluation Kit Manual

Evaluation Kit for the new MWIR (InAsSb) Detection Module

Interested in testing performance and functionality of the AMS3140-01? We have several Evaluation Kits available. Please contact us to to find out how to obtain your kit today.

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* The AMS3140-01 is manufactured by our supplier VIGO System S.A.