Magnetic Direct Drive

The Advantages of a Magnetic Direct Drive

A Magnetic Direct Drive offers advantages in comparisson to regular spindle-based technologies when it comes to wear and dynamics. The drive uses as few mechanical components as possible which results in less friction and backlash which enables more precision.

The components for the Magnetic Direct Drives like the actuator, stator, or electronics are individually adapted by our supplier (Physik Instrumente) to the respective applications. This series of products is referred to as the PIMag® Magnetic Drive series.

Offering modified solutions is beneficial or example in inspection and focusing application, dosing, tip/tilt mirrors, endoscopes or space telescopes with as well as several areas of automation and handling technology

Magnetic Direct Drive

The Magnetic Direct Drive Characteristics

For a Magnetic Linear Drive and Voice Coil Actuators has a proportional magnetic field in relation to the strength of the (+) magnetic field. Mechanical energy is converted from electrical energy and produces a force which, depending on the direction of the current is bidirectional. This technology offers advantages with regards to wear and dynamics in relation to the more regular spindle-based technologies. A Magnetic Direct Drive is built to utilize only a few mechanical components as possible. As a result, less friction and backlash are achieved which enables more precision. Simultaneously this contributes to lowers costs and increased energy efficiency.

Magnetic Linear Motors

The principle of a magnetic linear motor consists of several voice coil actuators construted one after another. It is possible to move the coils or the magnetic assembly by control individual coils with defined pattern position-dependent communication.

A linear motor with a magnetic direct drive is sutibale for use in for both very high and very low feed velocities. They work very exact wihtin a range from below 0.1 µm/s to above 5 m/s. It is even possible to combine with magnetic or air bearings. This results in a possible position resolution down to a few nanometers.

Linear Voice Coil Drives & Filed of Use

These friction-free electromagnetic linear drives have good dynamics, although a relatively low holding force. They are primarily used for scanning applications with the possibility of reachinng travel ranges up to several ten millimeters. In order to maintain a stable position, it is operated and brake with a closed-loop control, just like any other linear coil.

Magnetic Minature Drive-with Hollow Shaft
Magnetic Minature Drive-with Hollow Shaft

Position and Force Control

Force regulation and position are both possible with the principle of controlling the current. Utilizing this principle, with a rather low actuator or drive measurements it is possible to achieve comparatively large travel ranges.

Magnetic Drives are current-controlled with the driving force being linearly dependent on the current. Therefore magnetic direct drives can except being operated based on position or velocity control, also operated based on force control.

Based on defined retention or feeding forces allows for the operation of our Magnetic Direct drives and stages. The values are processed from both the position and force sensors can be read simultaneously. Next pure force regulation, this gives the options of subordinate position and velocity regulation. An auto-zero function defines the holding current at which the drive outputs an open-loop force of 0 N, i. e., for compensating weight.

PI offers the option of fitting PIMag® actuators with a force sensor.

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Is This The Right Drive Concept For You?

There is no single solution that supports the ideal drive concept in positioning applications. It is therefore important to understand the numerous parameters that effect your application. The travel range needed or the required stiffness of the system, as well as the power supply available, would all need to be considered. Additionally, the desired control behavior as well as the installation space available and potential safety requirements, including standards and the costs has to be taken into consideration.

Adapting to our Customer Needs

For us it is importaint to understand what your application need is. Based on this togheter with Physik Instrumente we adapt all the magnetic drives system components to meet your specific requirements.

Together with our suppliers know-how in guiding systems, control technology, and nanometrology sensor systems, we can meet the applications specific requirements you have. It therefore virtually makes no difference  regarding which principle your positioning system operates.

Contact us to find out more about Magnetic Direct Drives. We are more than happy to help you find the right solution and provide a tailor-made positioning solution.

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