Z-Tip-Tilt Platforms

Scanners and Stage for Tilting in Linear Motion

The piezo flexure design of the scanners and stages ensure high dynamics and stiffness. Ideally used for fast scanning applications with demanding position stability and repeatability over time. Their parallel-kinematic design creates an identical performance in tip and tilt axis.

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  • Motion – Tip/Tilt and linear directions
  • High Dynamics – Fast steering platforms
  • Precision – Position sensor feedback
  • Mounting – Clear aperture and mirror holders

Field of use

Industrial applications such as laser processing and beam steering as well as image processing and stabilization. Scientific applications such as scanning microscopy and lithography.

Product technologies

Use the tabs to navigate and get information about available technology drives for Z-Tip-Tilt Platforms. Click the product images to visit our suppliers website and find more stages.

Piezo Flexure Scanners & Stages

Technical information

  • Deflection Angle – Up to 70 mradians
  • Resonance Frequency – 10 kHz
  • Clear Aperture – Up to 66 mm for stages
  • Mirror mount – Up to 100 mm in diameter

More information

A Piezo actuator changes in length when a voltage is applied. Several piezo actuators with specific orientation are used for achieving the angular tip/tilt feature as well as linear straight motion. The precision guidance together combined with the lever amplification ensures long travel ranges and excellent accuracy. The position determination is made with direct measuring non contact sensors.

Z-Tip-Tilt Scanners
Z-Tip-Tilt Scanners
Z-Tip-Tilt Stages
Z-Tip-Tilt Stages
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