For Laser Material Processing you need speed, accuracy and precision. Nanor AB can together with Physik Instrumente (PI) help you to design and build perfect solution for based on your needs.

Lasers are used in a wide variety of processes across a wide variety of industrial sectors with the aim to optimize manufacturing processes and ensure high quality of workpieces.

Process, material, work cycle, ambient conditions, and criteria such as throughput, precision, geometry tolerances, size of the machining surface, and contours, all have different demands on automation platforms.

The technological diversity and the high vertical manufacturing range by PI, enables us to offer motion systems for high-precision and high-throughput laser processing that address the needs of OEMs, integrators and end users: From single and multi-axis systems without beam deflection to highly customized solutions where the motion of galvanometer scanners and the positioning systems have to be synchronized and are able to run simultaneously.

The technological diversity, expertise and the high vertical manufacturing range our supplier Physik Instrumente holds enable oss to offer motion systems adapted to your needs. Regardless if looking for single and multi-axis systems with high-precision and high-throughput laser processing to meet the needs of OEMs, integrators or end users, or a highly customized solutions where the motion of galvanometer scanners and the positioning systems have to be synchronized to run simultaneously we are sure there is a solution to be found.

Industrial Laser Micromachining

Machining platforms for creating tiny geometries in the micron range demand motion systems that provide a consistent, accurate and dynamic processing in multiple dimensions. As the size and mass of the manufactured parts may be challenging and particles may be formed during machining, the system components used need to be highly precise, stiff, robust and offer reliable performance.

Vertical-Axis Laser Positioning

    • Robust and powerful servo motor
    • Holding brake
    • Ability to run directly on 240 volts AC

XY Axis – Workpiece Positioning

    • Powerful linear motors
    • Reference edge for precise and easy installation
    • XY drag chain cable management

Motion Controller

    • ACS Motion Control module with EtherCAT® network for optimum synchronization of the axes and simultaneous control of the laser

Industrial Laser Cutting

Regardless is your requirements are for printed circuit boards, stencils or any other laser cutting application the production and processing are usually very alike. The challenge is to maintain micrometer precision in combination with longer travel ranges. To meet this demand a Gantry systems offers good solution as it can accommodate the vertical motion axes, autofocus sensors, and fiber routing system with optimized cable management and laser operations. The solution lies in being able to move the laser over the static part bellow. With additional simplify system initialization the absolute measuring systems does not need referencing once turned back on.

High mechanical stability
  • Light weight structure for dynamic motion
  • Individual travel ranges in XY up to 2 m
  • Disturbance rejection
  • Risers/lifter to place the vertical axis at required processing height
  • Optimized cable management and operation to place vertical motion axes, autofocus sensors, and fiber routing system for the laser

Motion Controller Solutions

ACS Motion Controllers
  • Powerful industrial multi-axis motion controller with wide range of powerful servo and stepper amplifiers
  • Connection to non-motion based devices via EtherCAT® such as height sensors (linked to Autofocus) and I/O
  • Modular architecture simplifies system design
  • Available, reliable and cost effective connection cables
  • Laser Control Module (LCM) provides extensive laser control capability
  • PC based CNC Operator Interface and .NET libraries allows G-Code input and customisable front end development

To increase precision and throughput of the laser the EtherCAT® slave module of the ACS’ LCM (Laser Control Module) offers the possibility to control virtually any laser directly from the motion control platform. Offers a broad range of functions such as digital pulse modulation for dynamic power control, combined control modes, output impulses or gating signals (on/off signals) to synchronize positions along a two to six-dimensional motion path or user defined programmable zones.


 Automation Platforms for Laser Material Processing – Brochure

 Scalable Solution for Industrial Laser Processing – X-417 Mutli Axis System

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Product Suggestions

The applications above are example of stages combined to achieve a desired solution. Possibilities to customize stages are endless and depending on your need, please find products examples below which could be part of your laser processing solution.

L-417 Linear Stage

High-load linear stage
  • Travel range to 813 mm
  • Precision recirculating ball bearings
  • Load capacity to 450 N
  • Side seal and air purge
  • Optional holding brake

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A-63x Rotation Stage

Low-Profile Air Bearing Stage
  • 200 mm or 300 mm motion platform
  • Low profile, 60 mm
  • Eccentricity and flatness < 100 nm
  • Bidirectional repeatability ± 2 µrad
  • Magnetic preload self-locking rest option

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V-738 XY Stage

High-Precision XY Stage
  • Travel range 102 mm × 102 mm (4”)
  • Large aperture, 150 mm × 150 mm
  • Bidirectional repeatability to ±  0.25 μm
  • Velocity to 500 mm/s
  • Incremental linear encoder with 1 nm resolution

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A-322 Planar System

Planar Scanner with Air Bearing
  • Travel ranges to 500 mm × 1000 mm
  • Load capacity to 245 N
  • Resolution to 1 nm
  • Bidirectional repeatability ±  0.08 μm
  • Velocity up to 2 m/s

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