In the event that your equipment needs service or repair we are at your service to assist you. Read what type of services we offer and if a repair is needed read about process, fees and warranty before you initiate your RMA repair request.

Available Support

  • After Sales Support — For any questions you might have regardless the age of your product our team will be happy to assist you with support and guidance. Please submit your support request below to get started!
  • Remote Support — Most of our Suppliers are able to provide free of charge remote support service regardless of warranty status (terms & conditions apply) if needed

Additional Services

When purchasing Motion Control products manufactured by Physik Instrumente inquire about additional services available:

  • On-Site Services  Depending on your need we can offer  Setup, Maintenance, Training and Support on-site at your facility
  • Extended Warranty For peace of mind you can purchase extended warranty (only with initial purchase) for up to 3 additional years and if needed additional coverage for replacement parts that fail due to normal wear and tear (terms & conditions apply)
  • Priority Support Extended prioritized support beyond the warranty, fast response times and access to a Global Support team providing ad hoc planned out of hours support services
  • Spare Parts/Systems For products with long lead time we can offer holding of spare parts/systems to minimize unscheduled downtime

*Additional Services can only be purchased with the initial purschse of the product you wish to cover

The RMA Process

  • Initiate RMA

    Submit your RMA Request and return equipment upon confirmation

  • Initial investigation

    An initial investigation to determine the cause of failure will be performed

  • Repair Order Calculation

    When investigation is complete a ROC will be provided

  • Performed Repair

    Once ROC is accepted the repair will start and returned as soon as possible

  • Initiate an RMA – Submit the mandatory information via the form below. Do not send equipment until you receive an RMA confirmation.
  • For all non-warranty repairs a cost estimation and repair time cycle can be provided up front.
  • Depending on the nature of the failure a technician from our supplier might contact you for a remote session before sending in your equipment.
  • Always send the whole system including controller/amplifier, cabling etc, if not instructed otherwise.
  • The initial investigation of the equipment is done by our suppliers and they will determine the cause of failure, and that warranty hasn’t been voided. If equipment is covered by warranty it will be repaired and returned.
  • The Repair Order Calculation (ROC) includes found observations, planned reparative actions and a cost estimate for equipment out of warranty.
  • The ROC needs to be accepted or declined (see more terms and conditions regarding repair fees) within 10 days from receipt.
  • If further issues are found during the repair process and metrology, an updated cost estimate will provide as soon as possible.

Repair Fees

  • Repairs, for reasons not identifiable in the initial investigation, and found not to be repairable.
  • Repair cost supersedes cost of a new product, the net price of a new system will be charged for the repair/replacement. If this is the case we will inform you first.
  • Unit is sent in for repair/calibration/check-up, and no failure is found or unit corrected (even under warranty).
  • In case you decline to cover the costs of a repair as specified in our Repair Order Calculation. This fee is not refundable if the you later decide to perform a repair.

Additional Costs & Fees

  • To ease the return process, we aim to support you with return shipping labels. However, in some cases we will ask you to organize shipping.
  • When warranty is valid –  return freight after performed repair is free of charge.
  • When warranty is not valid – return freight is charged separately from the cost stated in the Repair Order Calculation.
  • Customer is responsible for taxes and duties when/if applicable.

General Warranty Information

Most our products are covered by a standard 24 month warranty (inquire with our sales representative for further details). Warranty is voided if it is clear from the submission of the service & repair request or if it is identified during the investigation that the customer altered the product or caused the damaged through gross negligence. In case that warranty has been deemed voided, repair will be handled as out of warranty and a service fee will be charged even if customer chooses not to accept the Repair Order Calculation. In some cases that are covered by warranty we might issue a credit instead of replacing the product.

Extended Warranty Period – Repaired Parts

The repaired part/s receives an extended 24 month warranty. Note that it is only the replaced component/s in a system/product that receives a new warranty cycle and not the system as a whole.

Support & Repair Requests

To ensure optimal processing of your support or repair request we kindly ask you to submit the following information: