Light Sources

Emitting electromagnetic radiation

Nanor offers lamps and emitters such as Halogen based lamps, low-pressure lamps, IR-Emitters as well as power supplies and lamp managers. You will find lamps with ranging between 2 200 – 6 000 °K with monochrome output of gas lamps and emitters with broad white light and black body emittance with a spectral range from deep UV through visible light to the Mid-IR region.

All our light sources can be configured with SMD packaging, TO-cans, reflectors as well as light engine modules including optics, caps, lenses and driver cards. We can offer volumes from a few analytical lamp systems to higher volume LED and OEM laser modules. 

Regardless if you have a standard or custom design request, we are happy to assist and support your needs.

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  • Wavelength region: 100 nm – 16 000 nm 
  • Spectral bandwidth: <1 nm up to several 1000 nm 
  • Packaging options: Bare chip to light engine modules 
  • Output: Pulsable and long lifetime lamp sources

Field of use

Broadband sources are used for analytical, alcohol meters, spectroscopy, gas analysis, aviation and biotech applications. For use in alignment, pulp and paper, flame detection, curing, disinfection and fiber optics Monochrome sources are needed.

Light source types

Below you can find more information about our the different Light Sources we offer.


Technical information

  • Wavelenght: 0,2 – 16 µm
  • Peak power: 2.7 W
  • Lifetime: > 10 000 hours
  • Window options: Sapphire, ZnSe and CaF2 window or windowless
  • Packaging: TO-Can

More information

Nanor offers a wide range of IR-emitters ranging from:

  • Steady-state (DC) and High power steady-state emitters
  • Pulsable to fast pulsable sources of black-body radiation
  • High-speed emitters with integrated electronics

Our IR-Emitters have high reliability constructed around a compact design with reflector for collimated and uniform output. IR-Emitters are suitable for medical and industrial applications, including gas analysis, environmental monitoring, spectroscopy, and process control
They are available with a  and offered with Saphire, ZnSe and CaF2 window or windowless

Halogen Lamps

Technical information

  • Temperature
    • Solaric lamps: 5 000 – 6 000 °K
    • Halogen lamps: 2 200 – 3 350 °K
  • Efficacy
    • Solaric lamps: 60 lm/W
    • Halogen lamps: 20 lm/W

More information

Both our Solarc and Halogen lamps are industry leading and are available with or without a built-in reflector/lens. Our Solarc lamps are ideal to use for fiber optic and CCD applications, have high mechanical and optical precision. The Halogen lamps are used for analytical, medical and industrial instrumentation.

Mercury Lamps

Technical information

  • High UV-VIS Output
  • Low Noise
  • Ozone Free & Ozone Producing
  • Application-Specific Phosphor Coatings
  • Various Lengths And Configurations
  • Rare Gas-Filling:
    • Neon – Argon – Krypton – Xenon
  • ISO 9001: 2008 Certified




Mercury Lamps

More information

Our Mercury lamps feature a double-bore tubing construction, lifetime far exceeding 10,000 hours (depending on use) and produce 185nm and 254 nm energy, which is suitable to use in a broad range of applications and instrumentation. With the option to coat the lamp with phosphor, one can maximize the UV conversion to achieve a variety of wavelengths to meet the specifications of your application. If needed, High Ozone Synthetic Quartz, Standard Quartz or Ozone Free Quartz envelopes are also available depending on your application.

Cadmium & Zinc Lamps

Technical Features

  • Short Wave UV-radiation
  • Spectral line source of 213.9 nm for Zinc or 228.8 nm for Cadmium
  • High-light Output Stability
  • Low Noise
  • Lifetime availability warranty option for up to 2 500 or 10 000 hours
  • Custom & OEM design options
  • ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

More information

Cadmium & Zink lamps are constructed using a vacuum jacket around a heat shield double bore lamp body. This method isolates the cadmium and zinc from the external environment, which enables them to be relatively independent of external temperature fluctuations. The lamp body has excellent temperature stability resulting in very low noise and steady lamp intensity.

Our lamps can are configurable with either a radial or axial lead wire configurations. The camps come with either Silicon or Delrin, and you have the options to chose between different lead wires and lead termination options, as shown in the Datasheet.

Power Supplies & Lamp Managers


  • DC Power Supplies
  • OEM Laboratory Power Supplies
  • OEM Transformers
  • High Frequency Power Supplies
  • Lamp Managers for low-pressure Mercury lamps
  • Custom Designs Available
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified

More information

To support your applications specific illumination needs we offer a complete line of power supplies with ensures maximum system performance and lamp life. These are customized specially for individually our lamps and divided into three categories:

  • AC Stand-Alone Power Supplies – Designed to be readily operated in a laboratory benchtop environment.
  • AC Power Transformers – Suitable for OEM applications using Mercury, Rare Gas, Cadmium, Zinc and Grid Lamps.
  • DC Solid State Power Supplies: Compact state-of-the-art PC Board Mountable designs for OEM applications. Operations are set at a frequency of 27KHz typically and specific for 1” and 2” lighted length Mercury lamps. All PC Board mounted supplies include internal EMI/RFI Shielding. Several units offer a 5V trigger mounted inside the unit allowing integrated on/off control when mounted into a master PCB.

The Lamp manager is designed as a three-part modular system consisting of:

  • High-Performance Power Supply – Simple user-adjustable intensity and High-frequency driver ensuring optimum lamp operating characteristics, maxium performance, and superior control.
  • Temperature Controlled Lamp Housing Assembly – Ultra stable operating environment
  • Electro-Optical Feedback Control Module – Maintain constant light output over the lamps lifetime via data feedback to the High-Performance Power Supply.

This enables maximum flexibility and performance. As basic, it allows for 1″ lighted lengths but custom systems are available.

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