How we are precise with positioning

Being in the nano- & micropositioning business, we need to be precise, both with the terms used and communication. To ensure that we all speak the same language we want to share our supplier, Physik Instrumente, resource page that gives insight into how they adapt metrology for standard, customized, and OEM products, and promote a series of white papers clarifying how they use terms when measuring precision.

Metrology Resources

The Metrology Resource page covers the following topics, with additional links to learn more:

  • Measuring Technology in Detail for Standard Products
  • Nanometrology Laboratories
  • Measuring According to Customer Requirements
  • Special Measuring Equipment

White paper downloads

Part 1 – Measuring Environment, Equipment and Data Evaluation
Part 2 – Position accuracy, repeatability and similar measurements
Part 3 – Reseolution, Noise & Minimum Incremental Motion

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