Compact Motion Controller with Integrated Servo Drive | ECMsm

A controller for a fully integrated solution developed for industrial applications

The ECMsm meets the need of OEM looking for multi-axis application where cost might matter. With a unique multi-processor architecture it leverages powerful control algoritms to achieve best-in-class motion system performance. The universal servo drive technology provides at the same time flexibility to control any type of stage or motor.

Technical data

  • Drive Axes – 2 or 4
  • Communication Interfaces – PC/PLC/PAC Communication via CP/IP, Ethernet/IP, Modbus, RS-232
  • Controller Cycle Rate – 1kHz
  • Drive Supply Input – 12-48Vdc (also equals to Bus Voltage)
  • Max Current Output Per Axis – 5/10A
  • Encoder Channels – 4 (AqB, Absolute, or SinCos)
  • Mounting Type – Panel
  • Functional Safety Options – STO & SS1


More information

Read more directly at ECMsm product page (at ACS Motion Control) where you also will find datasheets, CAD Files, manuals and more.

You are always welcome to get in touch with us directly to find out more. We take pride in finding the best possible solution for your application!

* The ECSms is manufactured by our supplier ACS Motion Control.