New Industrial Automation Motion Controller for High Power Requirement | G-901

A controller for a fully integrated solution developed for industrial applications

The G-901 is built around the industry compatible 19” motion control housing and features top-class ACS controller and driver modules. It comes with a standard configuration of up to 4 axes and can be upgradable with EtherCAT to control up to 8 synchronized axes (with additional driver modules needed).

Technical data

  • Housing – 19″ rack mount with connectors for positioners from Physik Instrumente
  • Supported Motor Drive Types – 2 and 3-phase AC servo motors / brushless DC motors, brushed DC motors, voice coil motors, stepper motors
  • Drive Axes – 2/3/4 with additional option to add driver modules to control up to 8 synchronized axes via EtherCAT.
  • Communication Interfaces – Ethernet TCP/IP and a RS-232
  • Control Features
    • STO safety function
    • Servoboost
    • NanoPWM
    • Advanced algorithms for high speed contouring
    • Virtual axes (Gantry Control)
    • 3rd party device triggering
    • and more…

Fields of application

Supporting many axes, offering several options for trajectory planning, functioning as the control master in an internal EtherCAT network and also supporting open network architecture, combined with a wide variety of sophisticated control features this multifaceted and powerful motion controller will improve the throughput and performance in broad application range of automation applications but primary Laser Machining and 3D Printing.

Technology Base

Compatible with powering different technology drive types this is a powerful controller. Here are some compatible stages you might want to check out:

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Download the G-901 Datasheet to read more and get in touch with us directly via the contact form or give us a call to find out more about controllers and drivers. We take pride in finding the best possible solution for your application!

* The G-901 is manufactured by our supplier Physic Instrumente GmbH and Controlled by ACS Motion Control.