New Industrial Automation Linear Stage | V-817

Positioning solution for highly dynamic and precise processing for industrial applications

With a high load factor (of 60 kg) and built on a robust and accurate recirculating bearing guides, the V-817 is suited especially well for positioning solutions where high speed and high dynamic are needed to produce precise processing, testing, and inspection tasks.

Technical data

  • Travel Range – Up to 813 mm
  • Velocity – maximum 3000 mm/s unloaded
  • Load Capacity (in Z) – max 600 N
  • Encoder Options – Incremental linear encoder, design resolution Sin/cos, 1 V peak-peak, 20 μm signal period

Fields of application

The V-817 series is suitable for applications within semiconductor, electronics, and laser industries where you would need to control (but of course not limited to) among other sensor and camera positioning, laser welding, optical and tactile testing procedures, wafer processing and inspection.

If multi-axis application is needed the linear stage can easily be combined to an XY-assembly. Controlling the stages is possible with the fully compatible G-901 series via a plug and play solution, or by flexible integrations with applicable ACS Controllers or even third-party controllers and service drivers.

Technology Base

The technology base of the V-817 is a Magnetic Direct Drive and you might also be interested in one of these stages that utilize the same drive type:


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* The V-817 is manufactured by our supplier Physic Instrumente GmbH.