New Long Travel Range Objective Scanner | P-725

High-Precision Positioning for Microscope Objectives

The new P-725 PIFOC Objective Scanner for Z focusing, comes in three versions and offers long travel ranges, outstanding lifetime with the all-ceramic insulated patented PICMA® piezo actuators, sub-nanometer resolution with capacitive sensors and high guiding accuracy as a result of the zero-play flexure guides.


  • Travel Range –  up to 100, 400 or 800 µm
  • Minimum incremental motion – 1, 4 or 5 nm
  • Apature Ø 29 mm
  • Drive Type – PICMA®
  • Integrated sensor – Capacitive, direct position measuring
  • Compatible software Metamorph® imaging software
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The P-725 PIFOC series is suitable for Inverse Microscopy and Industrial Applications in need of High-Precision and longer travel ranges in Z. Application fields for this product include among other 2-photon microscopy, super-resolution microscopy, confocal Microscopy, light disk microscopy, 3D imaging, Interferometry, screening, measuring technology, biotechnology, autofocus systems, semiconductor inspection and more.





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Download the P-725 Datasheet

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* The P-725 is manufactured by our supplier Physic Instrumente GmbH.