Webinar – Gas Analyzation & MID-IR Absorption Spectroscopy

Join our supplier VIGO System’s upcoming webinar, as they present:

  • NDIR Gas Analyzers & Multichannel MWIR Modules – Find out how multichannel MWIR Modules are used for NDIR-type gas sensing.  You will also get an insight into the development of both the 2E-PV-MWIR module and the multiband 4EF-5 module.
  • MID-Infrared Spectroscopy – Learn about MID-IR absorption spectroscopy designs and various approaches using both dispersive and non-dispersive methods as well as insights into possible applications of modern photonics.

The webinar takes place on July 7th, 2021, between 13:00–14:30 (Central European Time).

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