How Motion Systems are Measured and Qualified

During final inspection and approval checks, each individual measurement and qualification of a positioning and motion system is used as an instrument for quality assurance. High- precision measuring is necessary for qualifying as well as for final inspection and approval checks of all motion and positioning systems, making sure that only products within the guaranteed specifications get delivered to customers.

As a result both the selection of the measuring environment and the measuring equipment setup needs to be adapted to the requirements of each individual product line. Additionally the desired resolution, measuring accuracy, tolerances, repeatability, sampling rate and other measurements needs to be identified. Moreover, the stability of the measuring setup over time plays a decisive role and makes special demands on avoiding drift effects, e.g., by using adequate temperature and vibration isolation.

To understand more how motion systems are measured and qualified, Download our supplier Physik Instrumentes white papers on these topics.

Measuring Environment, Equipment and Data Evaluation
Position accuracy, repeatability and similar measurements