Who is VIGO System and what do they offer?


In the 1980s., a team lead by Porf. Dr. Joseph Piotrowski, at the Military Technical Academy developed a unique technology for the production of detectors working without cryogenic cooling. This invention led to the establishing of what now is VIGO System S.A.

VIGO is located to the west of Warsaw, Poland, and with over 110 employees they have a global market reach providing customers with world leading uncooled infrared photon detectors. In close cooperation with customers, they are able to combine R&D efforts and in-house manufacturing within IR technology to provide unique photonic product solutions.

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The unique technology VIGO System developed is able to manufacture instruments that can quick and convenient detect 1 – 16 µm infrared radiation. The instruments operate in ambient temperature or are cooled with simple and inexpensive thermoelectric coolers.
VIGO System designs and manufactures electronic subassemblies (preamplifiers, thermoelectric cooler controllers, power supply units) for HgCdTe, detectors, as well as mechanical accessories.

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VIGO offers extensive in-house R&D opportunities, has close cooperation with academia and research institutions as well as takes part in EU/Government funded R&D projects allowing for highly advanced research. They strive to constantly expand their current product portfolio while also developing new and unique technologies and products while also offering testing possibilities for testing devices that are in prototype stage.

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VIGO has a broad product portfolio of Epi-wafers, IR-detectors and IR-detector Modules. Their product catalog (link) can be seen as the base offering and depending on your specific application requirements custom solutions are available.


VIGO offers a broad range of high quality Epi-wafers either being GaAs or InP based products. They manufacture high quality III-V epitaxial structures for use in a broad range of sophisticated electronics such as lasers, transistors, photodetectors and photovoltaic cells and can be produced both in large volumes as well as in small test batches

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Infrared detectors

VIGO manufactures detectors optimized for MWIR (3-8μm) and LWIR (8-16μm) spectral ranges and are based on HgCdTe material (which offers the highest performance out of the materials suitable for Infrared detection). These detectors are perfect for use towards gas sensors for industry and environmental protection and a great option be used for CRDS, TDLAS or FTIR spectroscopy solutions. Additionally, with very high parameters of detection and speed of operation they also ideal for use in applications such as leak detection, transport safety or defense applications. Furthermore, VIGO also offers InAs or InAsSb based detectors that are RoHS compliant and suitable for the consumer market.

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Infrared Detection Modules

VIGO offers IR-detectors integrated with electronics, which are characterized by:

  • High sensitivity in a wide spectral range from 1 to 16 μm
  • High speed in frequency bands up to 1 GHz
  • Optimized amplification of the measured signal and operating temperatures in the range from 200 to 300 K.

You will find ready-made modules for applications such as gas analysis, temperature control in fast-moving objects, laser spectroscopy. If the ready-made modules do not suit your specifications VIGO is able configure the infrared module to meet your specific application needs.

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The Detectors produced at VIGO are found in various areas. Click on the links to be directed to VIGO’s website to read more about how their products are used in respective area:

Most prominent is the cooperation with United States Space Agency NASA in which VIGO developed and produced detectors found on the rover Curiosity as well as on the Exomars Mission.



For more information about VIGO visit their website or get in contact with us at Nanor by reaching out to our Sales Manager Konrad Wozniak, Konrad.wozniak@nanor.se.