Digital Piezo Controller | E-712

Modular system for Highest Precision

The E-712 is a modular digital controller for multi-axis piezo nanopositioning systems. With capacitive sensors it offers real-time operating system for excellent trajectory control.

Technical data

  • Sampling rate – 50 kHz or 20 kHz
  • Drive Axes – 3 or 6 axes with 4 or 8 amplifier ch.
  • Supported Motor Drive Types – Piezo actuators, NEXLINE®,NEXACT® and DC motors
  • Communication Interface options – TCP/IP, USB, RS-232; optional broadband analog inputs and outputs
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Controller benefits

The Controller also offers additional benefits with the following.With

  • Flexible analog inputs and real-time PIO which each of the four optionally available analog inputs can be configured in two ways.
  • Modular system design with either pre-configured 3- and 6 axis operation or customizable solutions.
  • For scanning applications –  Increase the tracking accuracy by up to a factor of three using Dynamic Digital Linearization (DDL) to get fast periodic motion and data recording.
  • Easy system connection where all parameters are controlled via software (PIMikorMove)
  • Connection to the customer’s software is possible via LabView drivers and DLLs

Technology Base

Other examples of stages and controller/drivers

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* The E-712 is manufactured by our supplier Physic Instrumente GmbH.