AXUV Photodiodes – Absolute UV Detection Made Accessible 

The advantages of AXUV

The AXUV photodiodes, which is used for detection has several advantages over the orthodox tube-type XUV.

  • Exhibit very low noise
  • No need for external voltages for their operation
  • Insensitive to magnetic fields
  • Lower manufacturing cost
  • Low mass as well as a large collection area to size ratio. This makes them extremely attractive for use in among other satellites, synchrotrons and spectrometers.

Properties that characterize AXUV

Two unique properties of the AXUV photodiodes provide previously unattainable stable and high quantum efficiencies.

  1. The absence of a surface dead region. As absorption depths for the majority of XUV photons is less than 1 micrometer in silicon, this yields complete collection of the photo-generated carriers by an external circuit resulting in near theoretical quantum efficiency.
  2. AXUV diodes has an extremely thin (3 to 7 nm) radiation-hard silicon dioxide junction passivating, protective entrance window.

What type of AXUV Photodiodes are available?

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Download & Learn More

To learn more, please feel free to download your copy of the paper „IRD UV PHOTODIODES Absolute UV Silicon Photodiodes – AXUV Series”.

IRD UV AXUV Photodiodes

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