When to use PIMag® Magnetic Direct Drives?

When should I use PIMag® Magnetic Direct Drives?

If you are looking for a solution that requires long lifetime and reliability. A technology solution based on the PIMag® Magnetic direct drives series would be a preferred choice.

We offer a large varity of system components such as, Actuators, Rotation Stages, Linear Stages, Gantry Systems as well as electronics. These are able to be indivudually adapted and configured to support the respective application.

Benefits of using PIMag® Magnetic Direct Drive?

Whitin applications used especially for automation a PIMag® Magnetic Direct Drive will have benefitial use within several areas. A stage based on this technology will have less components and produce less friction. As a result, it will not be as sensitive to ware and tare.

It is usefull for both long travel ranges as well as short high-speed scanning systems. This technology will provide you with speed performance of more than 5 m/s. Furthermore, if you combine it with air bearings, you could achive position resolution down to a few nm.

Would PIMag® Magnetic Direct Drives be beneficial for me?

With the large portfolio of Magnetic direct drive products we offer from Physik Instrumente, and Nanor AB’s experience and knowledge of selecting the right product for the the right application, we will make your innovation a success.

Find more information about the PIMag® Magnetic Direct Drive and contact us so we can work together in finding you the right technology for your system!

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