Photonics Alignment Software | C-990.FA1

This new Photonics Alignment Software enables a fast and easy-to-use solution. It meets your needs for interactive alignment of optoelectronic components and silicon photonics tasks (such as Graphical representation of defined area scans and scan results). Further benefits are monitoring the measured intensity signal as well as the possibility to save and load settings.

The software has a flexible product configuration. It supports both systems with a maximum of six axes with motorized long travel ranges as well as three axes applications for piezo based fine alignment systems. There is even other configurations available on request for your system.

Utilizing a license based platorm it runs on a PC operating Windows and it is easy to install and operate. You will still need to be Connected to a controller with drivers, for startup and defining the parameters of your system you will need the respective software program (for example PIMikroMove). The software offers convenient setup and execution while also providing great possibility for evaluation of scans.

Interested and want to know more about how this Photonics Alignment Software would be beneficial for your system? Get in touch with us via the Contact Form so we can support you in the best possible way.

* This software is from by our supplier Physic Instrumente GmbH.

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