High Performance Linear Stage | The L-400 Series for Industrial Solutions

Cost Efficient High-Performance Linear Stage

The L-412 and L-417 are part of a High-Performance Linear Stage series, which are beneficial for use in industrial solutions. The reason being based on the features of these stages that includes high-performance synchronous servo motors, heavy-duty recirculating ball bearings, and precision encoders.

It is possible to relubricating the guiding ball screw without dismantling the stage. As an additional result of this, it is possible to integrate the linear stage into a central lubrication system. Additionally, the stages include a covering strip on the side and the purge air connection which prevents contamination.

These above characteristics and benefits results in a stage that offers high load capacity, allowing for higher dynamics as well as both high reliability and a long lifetime.

Technical data

  • Width: 116 mm (L-412) & 166 (L-417)
  • Travel range: Between 52 – 813 mm
  • Load capacity: <400 N (L-412) & <450 N (L-417)
  • Optional holding brake allows use as a Z-axis.

The L-400 series is guided by a DC & Stepper Motor and in comparison the V-400 Series is guided by a Magnetic Direct Motor Drive,

Field of use

When you have high demand on dynamics, precision, smooth motion, short settling times, and low tracking error these stages will be a suitable option. This would be in fields such as AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection), Automation, electronics production & laser cutting).


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* The L-412 and L-417 are manufactured by our supplier, Physic Instrumente GmbH.

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