Spherical Piezo Elements

For use in 360° Ultrasonic Applications

We now offer the newly developed hollow-spheres and hemisphere piezo components from PI Ceramic. These elements are suitable when applications need to transmit 360° sound transducers at a high bandwidth. Based on the application range, the piezo is manufactured from either soft or hard ferroelectric materials which enable optimum performance with respect to the acoustic impedance and cooling factor


  • Outside diameter: 10-60 mm (larger available on request)
  • Min. wall thickness: 1 mm
  • Electrodes: Silver (thick film) or gold (thin film)

Based on customer request spheres are available in different dimensions, and can be customizable with either a hole or groove for easy mechanical integration.

Field of use

The spherical piezo components have a wide range of application usage and their round shapes make it foremost integrable into sonar applications (e.g underwater communication, underwater monitoring, depth and underground relief measuring or for locating swarms of fish).

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