Successful Microscope Configuration

Why is microscope configuration important?

The configuration of your microscope is an essential key element for the quality of your results. Depending on how you plan to handle the position sample the sub-nanometer precision defines the type of technology you need to choose for your XY(Z)-stages and sample holders.

What type of microscope am I using?

It doesn’t matter if you are using a Classical Stereo Microscope, Fluorescent, Widefield or Laser Scanning Microscope, SEM, FIB-SEM, TEM, AFM or Correlative Microscope. Hence, there is a need to define the lateral and axial resolution power to help you identify the most optimal microscope configuration.

How do I configuring the most optimal microscope stage?

We have a couple of resources at your disposal, that will assist in choosing the most optimal combination of your positioning stages, z-stage, and sample holder.

↓ Download – Stage Configuration Booklet for Sample Stages and Holders for Inverted Microscopes. A product overview of possible combinations used for microscope setup.

Download – Nanopositioning for Microscopy. This brochure gives you additional knowledge and provides an extensive overview of different nano-positioning technology. You will also find recommended products for any microscope technique and application.

Contact us for assistance in finding the most optimal Microscope configuration

Contact us for assistance in finding the most optimal Microscope configuration


* The information above is from our supplier Physik Instrumente. You can read their blog post in full for even more information.

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