The Advantages of Hexapod in Automation | White Paper

With a Hexapod you can, for an almost unlimited weight span and regardless of the assemblies orientation move and position tools, workpieces, and complex components with extremely high precision in any spatial orientation.

Does your manufacturing and quality assurance processes require a multi-axis positioning system while there also are specifications in regards to accuracy? A PI Hexapod controller with an integrated EtherCAT® interface now makes it very easy for you to integrate a Hexapod into your automation system without having to perform challenging kinematic transformations.

In the Whitepaper Controlling Hexapods via Ethercat®”  you can learn more about integration, how to use work and tool coordinate systems and how to most optimal use the range of motion of the hexapod.

For more information about the Whitepaper and to download it for free, read more at Physik Instrumente.