Free Hexapod Evaluation Software Tool

There are many factors to consider when investing in a Hexapod. A main cause of concern is restricted space as this can impact both the platform and its surroundings.

To address this issue our supplier Physik Instrumente has developed PIVeriMove, a Hexapod Evaluation Software Tool. The software simulates and graphically represents the impact of a number of factors:

  • Hexapod orientation
  • Load and position of the center of mass
  • Position (translational and rotational coordinates) of the motion platform
  • Forces and torques that act on the motion platform

This enables you to identify any mechanical problems before purchasing.

Download PIVeriMove for free
– Hexapod Evaluation Software Tool –

Read more about PIVeriMove, or contact us at Nanor directly if you have any Hexapod or other Motion Control related questions or inquires. We are always happy to assist!

Nanor Wishes all the best for 2020