What is a Gantry System?

Using Gantry Systems

A motion-centric system designed for multi-axis operation with an overhead bridge is regularly called Gantry System. You will find them in applications related to Scanning, Digital Printing, Electronics Assembly, AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) and Automation. In general, using Gantry System is ideal for dynamic and high duty-cycles processes, which requires high throughput and high precision.

Integrated Construction

This overhead motion system consists of a combination of several different components at different levels of integration. Constructed with among other linear stages, motion controllers, and drive technologies it requires a high level of integration. As part of an already complex process, each component therefore needs to be carefully selected to fulfill the goal of the specific task at hand.

Designed after your needs

As a result, each Gantry System is typically custom tailored to meet your specifications and requirements. Having in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, we utilize scaling factors, short developing times, and accumulated engineering knowledge. Utilizing these advantages we ensure our systems are versatile, easy to use, and fast to integrate, regardless of quantity needed.

Gantry System Resources

To deepen your knowledge even more visit our supplier Physik Instrumentes blogpost to find videos, catalogs, links to 3D printing application blogs and more. 

The benefit of working with Nanor

Nanor’s expertize and decades of knowledge within the world of Motion Control gives advantages. As a result, we have access to top-knowledge R&D via our suppliers, a great selection of drive- and sensor technologies and modular high-precision positioner stages. Developing motion control electronics and software platforms ensures that the high precision and high dynamics of each drive and sensor is used to its full potential. This benefit means we can provide the most optimal foundation for this multi-axis positioning setup.

The combination of the mechanical platform, guiding system, and an excellent interface, enables each system to be fully optimized to resolve its purpose as well as ensuring it to fit seamlessly into an existing process. We are confident that our engineering and production teams can offer a top-of-the-line system for any ambitious project.

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