High-Speed Circular Photodiode for Electron Detection | AXUV63HS1

We are now supplying a family of new High-Speed Circular Photodiode. These photodiodes, will idealy be used for Electron Detection. The AXUV-family detectors features high-performance measurement of photons, electrons, or X-rays from 0.0124 nm to 190 nm and will detect energy from 100 eV to 50 keV.

The lead soldering temperature is 260°C and to protect the wirebond and photodiode chip the detector is shipped with a cover plate. For storage and operating temperatures ideal range is from  -10°C to +40°C (ambient). The Photodiode will also be suitable for vaacum or nitrogen environments, but then in a range from -20°C to +80°C.


  • Circular active area: 9 mm2 (typically 63 mm2)
  • Rise time: 10 nsec
  • Maximum dark current: 100 nA
  • Minimum reverse breakdown voltage: 160 Volts
  • For additional specifications and responsivity graphs, download the datasheet.

More information

To learn more about this specific detctor or other detectors within the AXUV-family submit your inquriy via the contact us form on this page. We are always happy to help and assist in your process of implementing the right product for the right reason.

* The AXUV63HS1 is manufactured by our supplier OptoDiode inc..

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